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Jun 29, 2013

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Sep 16, 2016

Magazin cu articole originale Minecraft, Pokemon, Minions, Star Wars si Kendama. Va oferim cea mai mare gama de articole licentiate pentru copii.

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Dec 5, 2014

EXPERT DESIGN GROUP este o companie cu vechime in domeniul sistemelor de umbrire exterioara si exterioara, cu un portofoliu reprezentativ, reusind...

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Benefits and harms of breakfast cereals

Bright advertising on TV and the Internet assures you of the benefits of such a breakfast, their pleasant taste and ease of preparation. And if the latter can not be questioned, the usefulness of these products, we question: Is quick breakfast cereals can be given to children? Is it true that they help keep a good shape.

Benefits and harms of breakfast cereals

Cereals are a common food for many children and adults who are going in a hurry in the morning to school, to work, on business.

What is referred to as cold cereal?

First ancestors breakfast cereal appeared in America in the mid 19th century. They were extruded bran without additives - not very tasty, but it is useful and cheap. Gradually began to develop technology for preparation of cereals, cold cereals and today called cereals, ready-to-eat cereal (mixture of grain and supplements) and special snacks.

Musli made ​​by adding flakes of dried pieces of fruit, berries, chocolate supplements, honey,nuts or jam. Snack called all sorts of balls, sticks, pads, or other shaped products from cereals - rice, corn, rye or oats. They are typically prepared by steam under high pressure, such that they remain a lot of vitamins, essential minerals and body benefit.

However, often dry breakfast subjected complementary kinds of processing - are fried in oil, dried, plyuschat, milled into flour or treated further in any manner. All this affects the quality, composition and caloric content of meals, so - and the final its health benefits.

Is there any benefit from such a breakfast?

In our age of fussy when morning time cooking porridge or cooking a hearty breakfast is not enough, the undoubted benefit is to have at least this snack. Indeed, the lack of food intake is much worse than a breakfast of cereal or snacks. This is especially true of pupils who do not like to eat in the school cafeteria, and sometimes save money given to food.

Breakfast cereals undoubtedly benefit in the eyes of children to the usual porridge - they are fun to look and taste better because of the large amounts of additives. Children in a heartbeat like eating breakfast.

Of course, sweet cereal with milk and additives in the form of honey, sugar or chocolate enough calories, but give a sense of satiety for all hours of the morning, allowing not feel hunger until lunch. Even in comparison with sandwiches - traditional breakfast - cereals, diluted liquid to taste - useful.

Cook these dishes - it is a couple of seconds, and can make your own breakfast, even a preschooler, only need to pour a handful of product on a plate and pour the milk, yogurt or kefir.

A little bit about the calorie

Manufacturers in advertising claim their low-calorie muesli, breakfast cereals and fast cereals. They also say that their products are enriched with vitamins, minerals, iodine, calcium, iron and other useful elements. In short - this product is a dietary ... But this is only partly true!

Indeed, the impact of the press, and then - pressure steam destroys vitamins and minerals in the grains. Therefore steamed flakes are really useful for adults and children due to the presence of fiber.

However, when added to the flakes of sugar, molasses, honey and chocolate, roasting them in vegetable oil or hydrogenated sharply increased caloric.

Harm breakfast cereal

Baby cereal calories, stated on the packaging. And how could it be otherwise, because the supplements give an average of 350-400 calories per 100 grams of product. If a part of the children's breakfast cereal is sugar, these foods altogether should get round - they are sweet because of the presence in them of sweeteners and are harmful for the body!

Cereals for adults (muesli and porridge fast) manufacturers position as a product for harmony.

However, an independent study showed a partial truth of representations of many manufacturers. Examining the ten most popular types of breakfast, the experts got the conclusion that their calorie content is the same as that of the pastry and chocolate. A fiber, despite the assurances of manufacturers, they proved to be extremely small.

Least contain fiber snacks, because they are made ​​from crushed grains. Moreover, not good for health roasted cereals, they lose vitamins , although become tastier. Lose weight on such muesli impossible.

More than just a useful raw flakes in natural muesli with fruit, nuts and honey. But remember, honey and nuts dramatically increase the calorie content, though their use is undeniable.

If, however, in the composition indicated on the package of breakfast cereal, you'll notice the letters «E» with figures in the composition, leave these products on the shelf. In them there is absolutely no benefit.

Do You eat breakfast cereals?

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